Chakra Candles
Chakra Candles
Chakra Candles
Chakra Candles

Chakra Candles

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Each candle has an affirmation and different oils per chakra.

Red Chakra - I am grounded - Cedarwood

Orange Chakra: I am creative - Mint

Yellow Chakra: I am powerful - Spruce and Pine

Green Chakra: I am loved - Amber and Lemongrass

Blue Chakra: I speak my truth - Lavender

Indigo Chakra: I see clearly - Lemon

Purple Chakra: I am divine - Frankincense

Glass jars are 2 1/2" tall by 2" wide in an 8oz reusable glass.

Please allow a few days for production as these are made to order.

Suggested Shipping:

These candle jars have to ship in a small box, and with packaging included, the weight is 8 oz. If you are ordering more than one, the most economical way to ship them is via Priority Mail Padded Flat Fee Envelope. You can ship up to 5 jar candles this way.