Ten Minute Self Care Routine to Enhance Your Inner & Outer Beauty

Self Care practice an essential part of our lives which we cannot just ignore as our body deserves to receive that special care. That is why we wanted to present to you

Here are 3 of my favorite Beauty Tools that I use interchangeably while speaking positive affirmations or power words to my self in the mirror: 

1. Jade Roller
The jade roller is pretty simple looking at first glance but surely is an extremely effective tool to have that glowing and soft skin all women want. Stimulating blood circulation the jade roller helps skin elasticity and makes it look fresher and younger with a simple 10-minute per day routine.

2. Rose Quartz Board
The quartz board is pretty easy to use tool but yet super effective and it gives you that feeling of relaxation especially if you have someone else massage you with it. Similar to the jade roller it also improves skin quality, removes wrinkles and makes it look as fresh as possible.

3. Derma Roller 
The derma roller is surely another must-have tool as it helps your skin with boosting collagen levels and making it significantly better. Using special mini needles to penetrate the skin, that way the roller boosts the collagen which helps your scars and pimples heal much faster.