Sacred Bath Ritual



 Set your Sacred Space up first lighting candles, burning Sage or San Palo. There's a variety of additional medicines you can into the water such as; charcoal, essential oils, pink Himalayan salt, Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, flowers, herbs, Florida Water, and of course bubbles.  With each content that you put into the water, say a positive affirmation about how the ingredients will re-align or re-store within you.  For example, you can say, "I pour this Pink Himalayan Salt in these healing waters to help repel negative energies surrounding my aura, energy, and vibrations."  Make sure you REALLY mean what you say - intention is everything.
Once all of your Sacred Medicines are in your bath, get into the tub and begin to take your Sacred Bath by going within and listening to Intuition about what you need.  There many things you can do to relax, re-align, and restore such as; continue to repeat or write your affirmations, listening to meditation music, write poetry, or sing along to your favorite uplifting and positive songs.  The main objective is to concentrate on creating positive vibrational energy by FEELING what you are manifesting or imagining while in the tub because water is highly vibrational.  Our skin is our largest organ, therefore by performing this Sacred Ritual you are actively feeding yourself with healing medicines that you need for your mind, body, and Spirit. 
For optimal results of staying in alignment and balanced within, perform this ritual daily at sunrise or sunset.